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I have had a love of the jean jacket since I was young (as you can see in this very pensive picture. It should be noted that I wish I still had this outfit to wear today). It's the thing I have always felt most "myself" in, no matter how many times I have changed/evolved into different versions of me. 

As a kid I was always drawn to all things dramatic and always eager to find my way off the beaten path to see what else life had to offer. Theater, dance, psychics, tarot cards, drums, music, chaos, energy, public speaking, and all the other magical things. Lately, I've been pulled to share my stories, use my voice and express myself in whatever way makes the most sense. And what has always made the most sense to me, is finding and defining my own version of weird. 

To quote one of my favorite 90's cult movies: "We are the weirdos, mister." 

You might call me an old soul (or just old) with a childish & youthful spirit. 

In case it is helpful, I am 40, identify as a queer woman. I am a certified meditation teacher and a spiritual & personal development junkie. I've got some strong Hungarian roots, struggle with vulnerability and can tie most of my life lessons back to the 80's movie: "Neverending Story." 

Let's get weirder together. ❤️

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