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Reading Rainbow

I fall asleep often when I attempt to read a book. Usually I am trying to read laying in bed at the end of the day and in 2 minutes, I am passed out. Why I don't use this method more often when I have bouts of insomnia, I am not sure (*note to self).

This, however, does not stop me from buying books, visiting old bookstores any time I take a trip, smelling books, stacking books on my shelves/nightstand and essentially surrounding myself with books. (I am also a fan of Audiobooks during the various moments I am in my car). Is there any sort of logic behind this thought process? I think not and that makes it all the more fun.

- Sidebar: I highly recommend smelling books. It isn't weird, just try it. 👃

I thought I might share some books that have been impactful, fun, surprising, disturbing or anything else I come up with. Maybe I will try to balance a work with a play book? Maybe I'll forget? You tell me what's helpful.

I would also love to hear any recommendations you have. My interests are ALL OVER.

This might feel boring to some so you can skip these posts. 👍

*Maybe one day I'll throw in some cookbooks but I'm very picky.


Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

I cannot say enough about this book. I listened to it as an Audiobook and I literally stopped every 1-2 minutes to take notes in my phone (I am also a bit neurotic about taking notes). It is not light reading and it will not be the most fun/exciting book you have read.

It will be the most eye opening if you are ready to think outside the box when it comes to your: soul/life/relationships/ego/purpose/perception.

A big take away for the world we are currently living in (as hard as it may be to have this perspective with all people) is the way to understand people is through their soul. Our personality is the artificial facade of our soul; it is the piece of us that we have decided we are comfortable to show everyone else while we reserve our soul for only those we deem worthy.

This concept started a lot of my introspective journey. The attempt to shed the masks/ego/personality I've created to "fit in" to the world I thought I needed to fit into instead of creating my own version and forcing the world to fit into mine. I can't tell you how many layers of masks I am still wearing and some of them are like tight rubber that keeps getting suctioned to my face......awkward.

Mic drop. 🎤 Mind blown. 🤯

"Become a body in a soul and not a soul in a body." This hits home. Hardcore.

The message I will continue to drive home to myself and anyone else that needs to hear it is that living & thinking from our minds prevents us from being the fullest/most authentic version of ourselves; living from our (open) hearts allows our greatest interaction in this lifetime.

Okay - that was a bit heavier than usual but I am extremely passionate about these thoughts & ideas and this book. Let me know if you want to compare notes.

Take care,

The Auryn ❤️


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