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Chunky bathtub....

It's been a hot minute, hasn't it? Remember how I said that I seem to always want to write after taking a bath, well tonight is no different. Except I want to share a life lesson with you in hopes it spares you in the future.

Those pretty, magical, relaxing bath soaks that have flower petals + oats + salt + the rest of your morning breakfast mixed in you always wanted to try.....maybe don't try them. I just did because I thought it would be a wonderful end to my full moon ritual and have now spent the last 20 minutes picking flower petals + oats out of places nobody wants to be. It's awkward, uncomfortable and too much chunk in my already chunky bits.

Not that anyone is actually interested, but I'll happily explain where I disappeared in the next post. This one has to flow with my bathtub thoughts because that's just how my head works (or doesn't work). 🤷‍♀️

I am not sure if it is the full moon, the ritual I did to release a bunch of negative emotions and self doubt that have been creeping into my head lately or just overall nostalgia/reflection as I prepared to write this blog but I went down one fast/quick/dirty trip to memory lane tonight.

Usually these trips involve me sitting on the floor, getting way too deep into pictures that nobody has seen (and nobody wants to see) and ultimately burying myself in photos + memories of time and people from a past version of my life. I will be honest, I have been known to get caught up in these past memories and unknowingly change what really happened in an attempt to make myself feel more important than necessary.

Tonight was different. It was pleasantly, joyfully different. I am truly trying not to get too caught up in the past because I feel so drawn to the present and then ultimately to finding the future version of myself. But I do believe sometimes we have to indulge in these memories; in the past versions of ourselves to appreciate all that we are and appreciate everything/everyone that we have encountered.

I feel overwhelmed with the wonderful people that have been a part of my life at some point or another. Some of these people had a really short part in this dramatic production, some have had a consistent & recurring role & some got killed off in the first few scenes but were written back into the storyline years later. 🤣

Regardless of the role any single person has played, I felt the need to write how wonderfully joyful my life has been because of you. Seriously, if you have played a part in my life you know that and I really, really thank you.

I hope you have a chance to review the parts played in the story line of your life and maybe you'll see the show a bit differently when you do.

The evolution of our character is often based on the interactions of the people we encounter along the way; my character might not always be stellar but I've had a really great time with the interactions of my life.

**2AM note: I very well may have sent multiple old photos (awkwardly taken with my phone camera & very poor quality) to several friends just because I felt it might spread some joy (& hopefully doesn't cause any unnecessary triggers) and I feel like sometimes, we have to share what makes us smile with other people. Hoping it is well received. *******

Looking forward to the future memories.

Take care,

The Auryn

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